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Kingdom of Bulgaria

Bulgaria. Bulgaria.
To the left is the "Lion and Crown" ensign flown by Bulgarian ships-of-war. At right is the tricolor flag flown by merchant navy vessels.
Bulgaria declared war with Serbia on October 14, 1915, and Romania on September 1, 1916. The British Empire and Montenegro declared war with Bulgaria on October 15, 1915. France declared war with Bulgaria on October 16, 1915. Italy and Russia declared war with Bulgaria on October 19, 1915. Bulgaria declared war with Romania on August 30, 1916. Bulgaria broke diplomatic relations with the USA on April 10, 1917. Greece declared war with Bulgaria on June 27, 1917.
The Allies concluded an armistice with Bulgaria on September 29, 1918.
Bulgaria signed the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine to officially end the war on November 27, 1919.
Territorial changes as a result of the war: Bulgaria lost land to Greece, Romania and Serbia.
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