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Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Empire.
On the left is the "Moon Star" ensign flown on Ottoman Empire ships-of-war. On the right is the flag of the merchant navy ships. The Ottoman Empire was known in occident countries as the Turkish Empire.
Russia and Serbia declared war on the Ottoman Empire on November 2, 1914. France and the British Empire declared war on the Ottoman Empire on November 5, 1914. Italy declared war on the Ottoman Empire on August 21, 1915. The Ottoman Empire declared war with Romania on August 30, 1916. The Ottoman Empire severed relations with the USA on April 23, 1917. Greece declared war on the Ottoman Empire on June 27, 1917.
The Allies concluded an armistice with the Ottoman Empire on October 30, 1918. The Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Sevres to end the war on August 10, 1920. The Turkish War of Independence prevented the full implementation of this treaty. A new treaty was negotiated. In 1923 the Treaty of Lausanne created the nation of Turkey from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire.
Territorial changes as a result of the war: The Ottoman Empire lost land to Greece. The League of Nations, created by the Peace Treaty of Versailles, took control of her colonies.
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