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Ships - Bayo

Bayo, a Spanish steamship, struck a sea mine and sank on January 13, 1916, about 40 miles off the port of La Rochelle, France. The mine had been set by SMS SeaGull.

Bayo, a Spanish steamship, was built by Thomas Turnbull and Sons, Whitby, England. She was launched in 1892 as the Whitehall. In 1913 she was sold to La Maritima Esperanza, Bilbao, Spain and renamed. She was a 2,776 ton ship, 312 feet in length.
Bayo translated from the Spanish means "bay".
Captain J. B. Arostegui was in command with a crew of 27 when Bayo sailed from Huelva, Spain, for La Pallice, France with a cargo of magnetic ore.
Only one seaman survived the sinking. He was picked up by the schooner Arvoria off the Isle of Groix, badly wounded.
Very little is known of this event, the newspapers reports are questionable. The Isle of Groix, off the coast of France is not on the route from Huelva to La Pallice. Inquiries are ongoing.

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, by J. S. Cowie.
THE HIDDEN MENACE, by Maurice Griffiths.

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