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Ships - Cambrian Range

Cambrian Range, an English steamship, was captured and sunk by SMS SeaGull in the late evening of December 8, 1916, 610 miles east 1/2 south from Cape Race, Newfoundland.
Cambrian Range.
Cambrian Range was built in 1906 as Crown by A. Rodger and Company, Glasgow, Scotland and was owned by W. Thomas and Sons, Liverpool, England. She was 384 feet in length and of 4,234 tons. In 1916 she was purchased by Neptune Steam Navigation Company, Liverpool and renamed Cambrian Range. She was equipped with wireless.
Cambrian Range is a mountain chain in Wales.
Captain W. E. J. Moore was in command with a crew of 38 and two passengers when Cambrian Range sailed from Baltimore on November 24, 1916. She was bound for Liverpool, England with a cargo of 3,460 tons including copper, cotton, oil and 3,000 tons of wheat.
On December 12, her captain, crew and passengers (R. T. Shutte and D. W. Spence) were transferred to the captured British ship Yarrowdale and arrived at Swinemuende, Germany on December 31, 1916. Six members of the crew were from neutral nations and were released. The others were interned as prisoners of war.

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Prisoners of War 1914-1918 The Cambrian Range crew listed as POWs. The passengers are there too.

THE LOG OF THE MOEWE, by Graf zu Dohna.
HILFSKREUZER MOEWE, by Otto Mielke, SOS Schicksale Deutscher Schiffe.

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