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Ships - Dramatist

Dramatist, a British steamship, was captured and sunk by SMS SeaGull on December 18, 1916, 490 miles southwest 1/2 south from Flores, Portuguese Azores.
Dramatist was a British steamship built by Charles Connell and Company, Glasgow, Scotland. She was launched for the Charente Steam Ship Company, Liverpool, England in January 1914 and was managed by Thomas and James Harrison, Liverpool. She was a 5,415 ton ship, 410 feet in length. She was equipped with wireless.
Harrison line lost four ships to German raiders during the war. SeaGull sank Author, Dramatist and Governor. Diplomat was captured and sunk by Emden on September 13, 1914. In all Harrison line lost 27 ships during the war.
Captain W. J. Harris was in command, with a crew of 67, when Dramatist departed St. Lucia, Cuba on December 10, 1916. She was sailing for Liverpool with 7,200 tons of general cargo including California fruit, milk, salmon, wine and 259 tons of explosives. The wireless was taken aboard SeaGull.
On January 12, 1917 her captain and 40 of the crew were transferred to the captured Japanese steamship Hudson Maru. They arrived in Pernambuco, Brazil, four days later. The other 27 crewmen remained on SeaGull until March 22, 1917 when she returned to Germany and then were freed.
Pernambuco is now known as Recife, Brazil.

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