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Ships - Duckbridge

Duckbridge, a British collier, struck a sea mine and sank on February 22, 1916, six miles north of Strathy point, Northern Scotland. The minefield had been set by SMS SeaGull.

Duckbridge was a British collier built in 1914 by Craig, Taylor and Company, Stockton, England. She was owned by Duckbridge Steam Shipping Company, Newcastle, England and managed by Thomas L. Weiss. She was a 1,491 ton ship, 240 feet in length.
Captain William Clayburn was in command of Duckbridge when she sailed from Cardiff, Wales. She was hauling Welsh steamcoal to the British Fleet based at the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

In remembrance of 19 souls lost while serving aboard Duckbridge when she struck a mine on February 22, 1916.
  • Able Seaman Nicolaos A. Chionas, Mercantile Marine, Age 31, Born in Greece.
  • Master William Clayburn, Mercantile Marine.
  • Signaller and Able Seaman Emrys John Davies, Mercantile Marine, Age 16.
  • Second Mate Thomas Jones Davies, Mercantile Marine, Born in Cardiganshire.
  • Fireman, William Davies, Mercantile Marine.
  • First Mate James Arthur Forrest De Vine, Mercantile Marine, Age 50, Born at Aldershot.
  • Donkeyman William Pierce Elphinstone, Mercantile Marine, Age 38, Born at Glasgow.
  • Cook and Steward Frederick William Harrison, Mercantile Marine, Born at Sunderland.
  • Able Seaman Andrew Pearson Macdonald, Mercantile Marine, Born at Kingsbarns, Fife.
  • Fireman Gabril Magulianos, Mercantile Marine, Age 26, Born at Ithaca, Greece.
  • Able Seaman and Lamps Arthur Moody, Mercantile Marine, Age 23, Born at Goole.
  • Able Seaman Thomas Morrison, Mercantile Marine, Age 57, Born at Dublin.
  • Assistant Steward Petersen, Mercantile Marine, Born in Denmark.
  • Able Seaman Walter Bartholomew Potter, Mercantile Marine, Age 34, Born at Wilton.
  • Fireman Henry Rasmussen, Mercantile Marine, Age 49, Born at Christiania, Norway.
  • Second Engineer George Emmerson Rowland, Mercantile Marine, Age 37, Born at South Shields.
  • First Engineer James William Scott, Mercantile Marine, Age 44, Born at South Shields.
  • Able Seaman James Edward Sharpe, Mercantile Marine, Age 44, Born at Cheshunt.

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorial to the UK soldiers and sailors lost in the Great War.

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