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Ships - Georgic

Georgic, a British steamship, was captured and sunk by SMS SeaGull in the morning of December 10, 1916, 590 miles east southeast from Cape Race, Newfoundland.

Georgic was a British steamship built by Harland and Wolff at Belfast, Northern Ireland. She was launched for the White Star Line on June 22, 1895. She was a 10,077 ton ship, length 558 feet, one funnel, four masts, twin screw and a speed of 13 knots. She was built and served as a livestock transport ship, primarily carrying cattle from New York to England. She was armed with a 12-cm gun mounted at the stern. She was equipped with wireless and refrigerated cargo spaces.
Captain A. H. Summers was in command with a crew of 142 when Georgic departed Philadelphia on December 3, 1916. She was sailing for Brest, France and then Liverpool, England. Her cargo consisted of 1,200 horses and 9,500 tons of goods including 10,000 barrels of lubricating oil, 98,000 bushels of wheat for animal feed, 4,040 bales of cotton, 130 cases of rifles and 36 armored cars.
One Georgic crewmember was lost during the capture. On December 12, her captain and surviving crew were transferred to the captured British ship Yarrowdale and arrived at Swinemuende, Germany on December 31st. Sixty US citizens in the crew were released. The United States was neutral at the time. The others were interned as prisoners of war.
The following US citizens were released: Walter Aberlee, William Adams, John Aims, Robert W. Bliel, John Brady, Edward Brennan, William E. Brown, John O. Burke, John Carlo, Edward Clark, Martin Connolly, Frank Daly, Dr. John E. Davis, Albert Depew, Edward Donnelly, Viniah Edge, Albert Feroli, Aurthur D. Field, George W. Fields, Peter Gallagher, Robert Gilmore, Daniel Goodwin, John Hartly, Lawrence Hitchmough, William F. Hutchins, John F. Hutchinson, Harry Hynes, William C. Kennedy, Harry Lavere, James Madigan, Edward Mallon, John Marco, John McCarthy, John Francis McCarthy, Thomas McFarren, Frank McHughes, William McKellar, Dr. Orville Evans McKim, Warren S. Middleton, Walter Moffat, William Murphy, John Nyberg, Carl Ogran, Patrick O'Shea, James Parker, Heino A. Rein, Frank W. Renode, Edward Roche, John Edwin Rourke, John Ryan, Carl Scotti, Joseph Sigismondi, John Smith, Francis Sulley, Frank Taylor, Arthur Frank Thime and Charles Edward Williams.
The White Star Line launched another ship named Georgic in 1932. During World War II, she was attacked by German bombers and damaged on July 14, 1941 with no loss of life.

In remembrance of the soul lost while serving aboard Georgic, on December 10, 1916.
  • Seaman William Conroy, Mercantile Marine, age 19, Believed drowned, Born at Lower Aghada, County Cork, Ireland.

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Prisoners of War 1914-1918 The Georgic captain and crew listed as POWs.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorial to the UK soldiers and sailors lost in the Great War.
Ellis Island The 57 US citizens from Georgic are listed in the immigration records. Requires free registration.

  Orville McKim was the veterinarian on the Georgic.
GUNNER DEPEW, by Albert N. Depew.
  Albert Depew was a horseman on the Georgic.
SWITZERLAND AND THE WORLD WAR, by Pleasant Alexander Stovall.

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