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Ships - HMS King Edward VII

HMS King Edward VII.
HMS King Edward VII, a British battleship and the flagship of the 3rd Battle Squadron, was sunk by a sea mine on January 6, 1916, off Strathy Point in the north of Scotland. No lives were lost in the sinking. SMS SeaGull set the minefield.
During the war King Edward VII was reported lost off Spurn Head on the eastern coast of England. Reporting the wrong location for a ship sinking was intended to confuse the Germans and was a common practice when ships were lost in waters adjacent to the United Kingdom.
HMS King Edward VII.
King Edward VII, a British battleship built at Devonport Naval Dockyard, Plymouth, England, was launched on July 23, 1903. She was 453 feet in length, displaced 17,009 tons and was armed with four 12-inch, four 9.2-inch, ten 6-inch guns, a number of quick-firing guns of various calibers, Maxim guns and four submerged torpedo tubes. She had a crew of 800 officers and men. Her steam boilers ran on coal producing a top speed of 19 knots and a range of 1,376 nautical miles.
She was the first of a class of eight battleships sometimes known as the Empire class, because with the exception of the King Edward, all the vessels bore the names of divisions of the British Empire. The class comprised the third battle squadron during World War I. None of the class engaged a German ship during the war, although HMS Britannia was sunk by the German submarine U-50 off Cape Trafalgar, Spain on November 9, 1918. The remaining ships were scrapped in 1920 and 1921.
The wreck of King Edward VII lies upside down on the seabed at 380 feet and has been explored by scuba divers.

King Edward VII. Edward VII, born November 9, 1841, was the eldest son of Queen Victoria. He married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863, who bore him three sons and three daughters. He ascended to the throne, King of the United Kingdom, on January 22, 1901, after Queen Victoria's death. Edward VII died on May 6, 1910, after a series of heart attacks.

Edward VII was the father of George V, the King of the United Kingdom during World War I. King Edward VII was the uncle of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. King Edward VII was also the uncle of Princess Alexandra the wife of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. He was also uncle to Queen Sophia the wife of King Constantine of Greece.

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HMS King Edward VII 97 Expedition Diving on the wreck.

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