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Ships - Nantes

Nantes, a French barque, was captured and sunk by SMS SeaGull in the afternoon of December 26, 1916, in the South Atlantic.
Nantes was a French three-mast steel sailing barque launched on Novemebr 16, 1899 by Chantiers de Normandie-Wilkinson, Rouen, France. She was owned by the Societe Nouvelle d'Armenent. She was 295 feet in length and 2,679 tons.
Nantes was named for the city in France.
She was commanded by Captain Auguste Carmene with a crew of 24. She sailed on October 9, 1916, from Iquique, Chile, for London, England, with 36,723 bags (3,300 tons) of saltpeter intended for the munitions factories around London.
On January 12, 1917 the captain and crew were transferred to the captured Japanese steamship Hudson Maru. They sailed for Pernambuco, Brazil, arriving four days later. On January 19, her captain and crew sailed on the Brazilian steamship Minas Gerais for Bahia, Brazil, arriving January 21. The crew then sailed for Bordeaux, France.
Pernambuco is now known as Recife, Brazil.

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Hudson Maru
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Corsaire Allemand Life as a prisoner on SeaGull in French.
Chantiers de Normandie Details of the ship Nantes in French.

DIARIO DE PERNAMBUCO, by Capitaine Carmene, Commandant du Nantes.

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