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Ships - U-35

U-35, a German submarine, served as transport for a SMS SeaGull crewman on September 7, 1916.

U-35 was built by Germaniawerft, Kiel, Germany and commissioned on November 3, 1914. She was 212 feet in length, displaced 685 tons with a surface speed of 16 knots and a submerged speed of 9 knots. She had two bow and two stern torpedo tubes. A 105-mm naval cannon was mounted on the deck.
U-35 sailed under the command of Kapitanleutnant Lothar von Arnauld de la Periere with a crew of 34.
Kapitanleutnant von Arnauld was the most successful submarine commander in the war and U-35 was the most successful boat.
Following the war she was ceded to England as war reparations and broken up at Blyth, England in 1919.

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