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Ships - UC-29

UC-29, a German minelayer submarine, along with UC-30 and U-58 served as an escort to SMS SeaGull on November 23, 1916.

UC-29 was built by Vulcan, at Hamburg, Germany and commissioned on August 15, 1916. She was 161 feet in length, displaced 545 tons with a surface speed of 12 knots and a submerged speed of 7 knots. She had two bow and one stern torpedo tubes. An 88-mm naval cannon and a machine gun were mounted on the deck. She was designed as a minelayer and carried 18 mines.
UC-29 sailed under the command of Kapitanleutnant Ernst Rosenow with a crew of 24.
UC-29 was sunk by gunfire from the British ship HMS Pargust on June 7, 1917, off the southern coast of Ireland with the loss of 23 lives. Two survivors were taken to England and interned.
Lieutenant Commander Gordon Campbell was in command of Pargust on June 7, and was in command of HMS Farnbourough on March 22, 1916 when she encountered and sank U-68, the first of three German submarines he accounted for during the war.

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