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Ships - UC-30

UC-30, a German submarine, along with UC-29 and U-58 served as an escort to SMS SeaGull on November 23, 1916.

UC-30 was built by Vulcan, at Hamburg, Germany and commissioned on August 22, 1916. She was 161 feet in length, displaced 545 tons with a surface speed of 12 knots and a submerged speed of 7 knots. She had two bow and one stern torpedo tubes. An 88-mm naval cannon and a machine gun were mounted on the deck. She was designed as a minelayer and carried 18 mines.
UC-30 was under the command of Kapitanleutnant Heinrich Stenzler with a crew of 26.
UC-30 struck a mine off Horns Reef, off the west coast of Denmark, on April 21, 1917 and was lost with all hands. The anti-submarine minefield was set by British ships.

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