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Relative Search

A picture of the crewmembers from captured ships on the deck of SeaGull after arriving at Kiel, Germany on March 22, 1917. This is a frame from the motion pictures made during the cruise. In the lower right is the shadow of the cameraman.

We want to contact anyone who had a relative on a ship captured by SeaGull during the war. About 2,261 individuals were involuntary passengers from the ships captured. If you had a relative who visited the SeaGull, we want to hear from you. Any information you can add to what we have collected would be a great benefit. Take a moment and send an Email.
In addition, more than 350 men served in the crew of the SeaGull. Should you have a relative who served as a crewman we would like to receive an Email from you.
To contact us, please click here. Or send an Email to

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