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Mademoiselle Soixante-Quinze

The 75-mm gun, called the French 75, was officially known as the 75-mm Field Gun, Model of 1897. The gun, a piece of light artillery, named for the caliber of its shell, had a shock-absorbing recoil system that allowed it to fire at a rate of 16 rounds per minute without getting out of alignment and having to be aimed on target again. The gun had a flat trajectory and so was easy to aim.
The French 75 was made by the Schneider-Creusot weapons factory in Le Creusot, France. The Schneider family, despite the name, were French citizens. The company, founded in the early 1800s, is still in business.
One United States National Guard artillery unit to use the French 75, during World War I, was commanded by Captain Harry Truman. A future US President, he commanded Battery D, 129th Field Artillery Regiment, 35th Division, Kansas and Missouri National Guards.



75's, by Pousse Cailloux (Leonard Arthur Bethell), Blackwoods Magazine, January 1916.

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