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Universal Postal Union

The Treaty of Bern established the General Postal Union on October 9, 1874. The Union is responsible for the regulation and transport of international mails. Its name changed to the Universal Postal Union in 1878. To this day it carries the mail.
The British liner Appam, taken as a war prize by SeaGull, arrived in Virginia on February 1, 1916. First class mail is not a prize of war and 153 bags passed to the United States Post Office.
The liner, returned to her British owners on August 20, 1917, sailed for Liverpool, England. In her cargo hold sat the 150 bags of parcel post mail loaded in the various ports she visited on her voyage.
"History of the Yorubas," an account of the African tribe, their government and commerce, carried out without a written language. Reverend Samuel Johnson, Pastor of Oyo, Nigeria wrote and his brother Dr. Obadiah Johnson edited the 680-page book. The manuscript mailed in Lagos, Nigeria sailed aboard Appam on January 2, 1916. It arrived at the publisher, G. Routledge and Sons, more than two years later. A wartime paper shortage further delayed publication until 1921.

Appam Prize crew


Universal Postal Union To this day it carries the mail.

HISTORY OF THE YORUBAS, by Johnson and Johnson.
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