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Count Dohna and His SeaGull ©

Wreck Divers

Scuba divers have visited seven wrecks described on this website. The wreck of the SeaGull, renamed Oldenburg, is in 80 feet of water at Vadheim, Norway. Frequently visited by wreck divers.
The captured American sailing vessel Pass of Balmaha, renamed Seeadler, sailed as an armed merchant raider, met her end on the coral reef at Mopelia Island, in French Polynesia. She lays in shallow water but because of the remote location is not frequently visited.
HMS King Edward VII, a British battleship and the flagship of the 3rd English Battle Squadron, was sunk by a sea mine on January 6, 1916, off Cape Wrath, Scotland. The hulk lies upside down on the seabed at 380 feet.
The British steamship Westburn was scuttled on February 24, 1916, just outside Santa Cruz harbor, Tenerife, Canary Islands. The wreck lies in 90 feet of water.
U-58, a German submarine, was scuttled at the entrance to Cork Harbor, Ireland.

HMS King Edward VII


HMS King Edward VII 97 Expedition Diving on the wreck.
U-58 A German submarine wreck of Cork Harbor.
Dinosaurs in the Deep© The amazing story of dinosaur fossils in the ocean depths.

DIVING THE KING EDDIE, by Leigh Bishop, 990 UK Diving in Depth, 1999.
DARK DESCENT, by Kevin F. McMurray.
MANY LAGOONS, by Ralph Varady.
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